Educational Materials

MISAC creates educational invasive species calendars highlighting invasive species issues in Minnesota. Species featured include species that are already present in Minnesota and species that are problems in other states that we can work to keep out of Minnesota. Additionally, pathways by which invasive species can spread are also featured.

You may download posters and print out pages for yourself. Contact a MISAC co-chair for a copy of the most recent calendar.

2019 MISAC calendar


Drones, Habitattitude Surrender Collaboratives, Tree of Heaven, Docks and Lifts, Poison Hemlock, Hybrid Watermilfoil, Japanese Beetle, Starry Trek, Phytoplasmas, U of M Invasive Phragmites Research, Weed-free Gravel Pit Certification, Fish Pathogen Research

2018 MISAC calendar


Cucurbit downy mildew, EDDMapS Midwest, AIS detectors and trackers, PlayCleanGo, Palmer amaranth, water garden pathway, Japanese, giant and Bohemian knotweeds, red swamp crayfish, Japanese barberry, boat design improvements, velvet longhorned beetle, black carp

2017 MISAC calendar

2017 MISAC calendar cover.jpg

Invasive plant early detection, zebra mussel control in Christmas Lake, spotted lanternfly, jumping worms, starry stonewort, flowering rush, narrowleaf bittercress, diffuse knapweed, Russian knapweed, hydrilla, nonnative bush honeysuckle, spiny waterflea, aquatic invasive species prevention aid

2016 MISAC calendar

Forest pest first detector, Yellow floating heart, Invasive species research centers, Boat trailer pathway, Biosurveillance, Brittle naiad, Roadsides pathway, Palmer amaranth, Seaplane pathway, Japanese barberry, Golden algae, Internet trade pathway

2015 MISAC calendar

Killer shrimp, Plant pest quarantines, Climate change, Mountain pine beetle, Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers, Yellow iris, Giant hogweed, Spotted knapweed biocontrol, Dock and lift pathway, Non-native common reed, Tubenose goby, Holiday décor pathway

2014 MISAC calendar

Gypsy moth, Northern Snakehead, Dalmatian toadflax eradication effort, Parrot’s feather, Work.Clean.Go., Edible invasive species, Black swallow-wort, Spotted wing drosophila, Water hyacinth, Annosum root rot, Grass carp, Wood pathway

2013 MISAC calendar

White nose syndrome of bats, Bloody red shrimp, Emerald ash borer biocontrol, Recreation on land pathway (hiking, camping, OHV, etc.), Water lettuce, Bait pathway, Japanese hops, Asian long-horned beetle, Brown and meadow knapweeds, Asian defoliators, Giant salvinia, Ug99: rust of wheat

2012 MISAC calendar

Brown marmorated stink bug, Oriental bittersweet, Faucet snail, Felt-soled wader pathway, European frogbit, Japanese beetle, Bighead and silver carp, Grecian foxglove, Live study specimen pathway, Khapra beetle, Mute swan, and Purple loosestrife.

2011 MISAC calendar

Eurasian swine, Aquarium pathway, Zebra mussels, Garlic mustard, Curly-leaf pondweed, White and yellow sweetclover, Flowering rush, Black locust, Japanese knotweed, Eurasian earthworm/new Asian species, Thousand cankers disease, Red-eared slider turtle

2009 MISAC calendar

Zebra mussel, Quagga mussel, Canada thistle, Flowering rush; yellow iris; pink waterlilly, Oak wilt, Tartarian and non-native honeysuckle, Emerald ash borer, Gypsy moth, Non-native slug, St. John’s wort , Didymo, Golden nematode, Rainbow smelt

2008 MISAC calendar

Reed canary grass, Viral hemorrhagic septicemia , Dalmation toadflax, Potato cyst nematode, Common motherwort, Chinese and banded mystery snails, Hydrilla, Plumeless thistle, Cut-leaved teasel, Narrow-leaved and hybrid cattail, Eurasian ruffe, European starling

2007 MISAC calendar

Rusty crayfish, Firewood pathway, Bighead and silver carp, Japanese knotweed, Spiny waterflea, Musk thistle, Yellow starthistle, Common tansy, Non-native subspecies of Common Reed, Faucet snail, Black swallowwort, Sirex woodwasp

2006 MISAC calendar

Common carp , Mute swan, Asian longhorned beetle, Leafy spurge, New Zealand mudsnail, Wild parsnip, Purple loosestrife, Asian soybean rust, Flowering rush, Grecian foxglove, Glossy buckthorn, Sea lamprey

2005 MISAC calendar

Curly-leaf pondweed, Eurasian earthworms, Spotted knapweed, Garlic mustard, Gypsy moth, Emerald ash borer, Eurasian watermilfoil, Zebra mussel, Soybean aphid, Multicolored Asian lady beetle, Common buckthorn, Round goby