MISAC Events

MISAC sponsors invasive species events to promote the identification, prevention, and management of invasive species.

Invasive Species Traveling Workshop

Traveling workshops have been held to teach how to identify and manage common and emerging invasive pests. Topics at a 2011 workshop in Detroit Lakes included brown marmorated stink bug, hounds-tongue, spotted knapweed, weed-free gravel, flowering rush, wild parsnip, and common tansy.


MISAC has hosted conferences across the state with the goal of comprehensively addressing invasive species research, prevention, and management challenges.

Conferences topics cover the range of invasive species, including aquatic and terrestrial invasive plants, animals, and pathogens. Topics have included new and innovative research, management techniques, outreach initiatives, Cooperative Weed Management Areas, technological developments, prevention and containment, early detection and rapid response, eradication, and post-invasion restoration.

Attendees of the conferences have included researchers, land managers, natural resource professionals, university personnel, landscapers, nursery, agricultural or forestry employees, environmental specialists, lake association members, and agency and non-governmental organizations.

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